We, Mega Inovasi Organik (MIO), are a successful company that produces organic foods, but as well as the other success story, it has a starting point. What looks successful and goes well is the result of the investment that we have invested in our vision; creating integrated farmland.

As a company based in Indonesia, We are well aware that its homeland has all the best natural potential. Even many of these natural potentials have not been touched and processed by humans. Even so, the land cultivation process in Indonesia is not always working well, in an environmentally friendly way. This is what makes us so convinced that it needs a big step to embody the vision. To not only creating integrated farmland but also improve the people whose hands will cultivate the land.

The vision that we give our dedication is the vision that has expanded. As the vision has expanded, we also need to take big serious steps to guarantee other things that are far more important; environmental sustainability and natural potential possessed by the land of Indonesia itself. If it is not us, which is part of this country to start implementing land empowerment using organic methods, who else will start the good work with the most comprehensive source possible? We surely cannot wait that long.

In addition to the potential of the land, and the supporting season for farming, there are actually other potentials that are seen by us. That is the humanist potential possessed by the farmland itself. How nature educates its people to live a life that supports each other. A mutual relationship that does not only happen between fellow human beings but also refers to the relationship that supports nature itself, the land where we born, raise, and live. The land where life moves.

This potential, which is then empowered by us, becomes a quality package that is not only valuable in the eyes of the customer who consume the products from the farmland, but also as valuable for life here and beyond times. We empower land without damaging ecosystems and the environment. Using organic methods to produce organic products that bring the goods for the farmland and the life that takes place on it. Embracing what’s the best nature can give, that’s what we do here at MIO.

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